Shalisha Mumtaz

Unknow Agrarian


Qualification MS/Mphil
Country Albania
Gender Female
Shalisha Mumtaz Feeling Thoughtful

Plant the seeds of innovation, nurture them with knowledge, and watch the future of agriculture flourish.

Is soil pH more likely to be acidic or alkaline in regions with high rainfall?

How to improve the water-holding capacity of sandy soils?

Where in the soil profile would you typically find the highest concentration of organic matter?

When is soil compaction most likely to occur?

What soil property is most directly affected by the cation exchange capacity (CEC)?

How should a horticulturist manage soil pH for optimal blueberry cultivation?

What is the primary role of gibberellins in horticultural crop management?

When is the best time to apply dormant oil sprays to deciduous fruit trees?

What is the primary benefit of grafting in fruit tree propagation?

What is the primary purpose of a windbreak in agricultural fields?

Which of the following irrigation methods is most water-efficient?

What is the primary function of leguminous cover crops in agricultural systems?