You should --------this paragraph in order to make your essay more-----

Choose the word that best completes the analogy: Adorn: Decorate :: _______ : Amass You should --------this paragraph in order to make your essay more----- The author presents the life of Zane Grey with _____ unusual in a biographer: he is not even convinced that Grey was a good writer. The Inuit natives of Alaska's North Slope worry that ___ oil exploration might ___their sensitive natural environment. Roberto Clement was seen as ___ during his life because of both his selflessness on the baseball field and his humanitarian work in his native Nicaragua It takes ____ character to ____ the extremities of the arctic region. A------glance pays-----attention to details Consumers refused to buy meat products from the company because of rumors that the water supply at the meat processing plant was ______; the rumors, however, were quite ______, with no hard evidence to back them up. Their conversation was unsettling, for the gravity of their topic contrasted so oddly with the ______ of their tone His habit of spending more than he earned left him in a state of perpetual------ but he------------hoping to see a more affluent day Identify the logical fallacy in the following argument: "I've never seen a black swan; therefore, black swans do not exist." Throughout the animal kingdom, ____ bigger than the elephant. Many kinds of harmful viruses are unhindered when passing through different parts of the host organism; indeed, there are few organic substances which such viruses’ cannot______. Identify the figure of speech used in the following sentence :"The stars danced playfully in the sky." Many find it strange that her writing is thought to be tortuous; her recent essays, although longer than most of her earlier essays, are extremely_______. During their operational lifetimes, the majority of spacecraft currently face minimal risk of collision with space junk, but given the number of new satellites launched each year, the orbital environment is likely to be less ________ in the future. Known for his commitment to numerous worthy causes, the philanthropist deserved------ for his----------- A-----response is one that is made with----------. It is widely believed that a nuclear war could ____ enough smoke and dust to block out the sun and freeze the earth. In the given sentence, identify the gerund phrase: "Running marathons in extreme weather conditions requires immense determination and endurance." Linda Greenhouse's articles for the New York Times are an outstanding example of ___, capsulizing prose into a necessarily limited space. Ants live in colonies based on ___; each member contributes to the good of all by actively working with others in performing necessary tasks. Surprisingly enough, it is more difficult to write about the--------than about the---and strange. Consumption of red meat has ____ because its fat content has become a worrisome and ____ matter. Although its publicity has been ___, the film itself is intelligent, well-acted, handsomely produced and altogether ___ Florence Nightingale was ___ in the development of modern medicine, ___ such practices as sanitization of hospital wards and isolation of actively infected patients. 3. A----is a-------.