Fatima Batool


Qualification Master
Country Pakistan
Gender Female

In which of Thomas Hardy's novels does the character Tess Durbeyfield struggle against social norms and injustices, ultimately facing a tragic end?

Which poem by John Keats is notable for its vivid imagery and meditation on the fleeting nature of life and beauty?

Which of these themes is NOT commonly associated with the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge?

Which of the following poems by William Wordsworth is considered a manifesto of the Romantic movement, emphasizing the connection between nature and human emotion?

Which work by Jonathan Swift critiques human nature and the pettiness of human disputes through the travels of Lemuel Gulliver?

Who is considered the greatest satirist of the Restoration period and the author of "Absalom and Achitophel"?

Which of the following works is considered the first English novel and was written by Daniel Defoe?

Which Middle English poem is a satirical work that criticizes the corruption and greed of the Catholic Church, and features a character named Lady Meed?

What is the name of the Old English poem that tells the story of a battle fought in 991 AD between the English and the Vikings?

What is the name of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which is a collection of annals that records the history of England from the 5th to the 11th centuries?

Which one introduce a specific example to support the claim that exercise has numerous benefits?

Which one emphasizes the urgency of taking action to protect endangered species.

Which one is a contrasting idea to the statement "Traveling by plane is the fastest way to reach distant locations."

Which one best express a cause-and-effect relationship between air pollution and respiratory problems