In an examination, a student scores 4 marks for every correct answer and loses 1 mark for every wrong answer. If he attempts all 60 questions and secures 130 marks, the no of questions he attempts correctly is : If m/n = .75, then what is 3m + 2n? A piece of wire 132 inches long is bent successively in the shape of an equilateral triangle, a square, a regular hexagon, a circle. The plane surface of the largest area is included when the wire is bent into the shape of a A college has 10 basketball players. A 5-member team and a captain will be selected out of these 10 players. How many different selections can be made? If 5x = 3, then (5x + 3)² = Two trains started at the same time, one from A to B and the other from B to A . If they arrived at B and A respectively 4 hours and 9 hours after they passed each other, the ratio of the speeds of the two trains was: Salaries of Conan and Jimmy are in the ratio 2:3. If the salary of each is increased by Rs. 4000, the new ratio becomes 40:57. What is Jimmy’s salary? A cylindrical container has a diameter of 14 inches and a height of 6 inches. Since one gallon equals 231 cubic inches, the capacity of the tank is approximately 2- 3 = The product of (1+2), (2+3) and (3+4) is equal to the one-half the sum of 20 and x, what is the value of x? The profit earned by selling an article for Rs. 900 is double the loss incurred when the same article is sold for Rs. 490. At what price should the article be sold to make 25% profit? Which is greater? Column A is (10/4) / (3/2) * (3/7) and Column B is (3/4) * (10/7) / (3/2) A certain triangle has sides, which are, respectively, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches long. A rectangle equal in area to that of the triangle has a width of 3 inches. The Perimeter of the rectangle, expressed in inches, is If a, is a multiple of 5 and b = 5a, which of the following could be the value of a + b? I. 60 II. 100 III. 150 If eggs are bought at 35 cents per dozen and sold at 3 for 10 cents the total profit on 5 1/2 dozen is? The average age of a class is 15.8 years. The average age of the boys in the class is 16.4 years and that of the girls is 15.4 years. What is the ratio of boys to girls in the class ? Which of the following expressions has the greatest value? If an equilateral triangle and a square have the same perimeter, what is the ratio of the length of the sides of the equilateral triangle to the lengths of the sides of the square? The integral part of logarithm is called The prime factors of 96 are If the price of a Harry Potter novel is first decreased by 25% and then increased by 20%, then the net change in the price will be : If a^2 b =12^2, and b is smallest odd integer, then a could be divisible by all of the following except? The cube of 1/3 is In a class, there are 15 boys and 10 girls. Three students are selected at random. The probability that 1 girl and 2 boys are selected, is: What should come in place of both the question marks in the equation: ? / √128 = √162 / ? The sum of the squares of two numbers is 3341 and the difference of their squares is 891. The numbers are: Shruti and Priya invested in a business. They earned some profit which they divided in the ratio of 2 : 3. If Shruti invested Rs. 40,000, the amount invested by Priya is : On the y-axis, the x-coordinate is Two integers have a sum of 42 and a difference of 22. The greater of the two integers is If half the range of increasing series {11, A, 23, B, C, 68, 73} is equal to its median, what is the median of the series? If (a + 3) / 5 is an integer, what is remainder when ‘a’ is divided by 5? Let xy = z, where x,y,z and nonzero numbers. If x is multiplied by 3 and z is divided by 3, this is equivalent to multiplying y by Kajol took loan from a bank at the rate of 12% p.a. simple interest. After 3 years, she had to pay PKR 5400 interest only for the period. The principal amount borrowed by her was: Each of Tom's buckets has a capacity of 11 gallons, while each of Henry's buckets can hold 8 gallons. How much more water in gallons can 7 of Tom's bucket's hold compared to 7 of Henry's buckets? The ratio of boys to girls in a certain classroom was 2 : 3. If boys represented five more than one third of the class, how many people were there in the classroom? The number of degrees through which the hour hand of a clock moves in 2 hours and 12 minutes is If the postal charges for a package are 62 cents for the first five ounces and 8 cents for each additional ounce, what is the weight of a package for which the charges are $1.66? (Assume there are 16 ounces in one pound) A train running between two towns arrives at its destination 10 minutes late when it goes 40 miles per hour and 16 minutes late when it goes 30 miles per hour. The distance between the two towns is Which of the numbers cannot be represented by a repeating decimal? In general, the sum of the squares of two numbers is greater than twice the product of the numbers. The pair of numbers for which this generalization is not valid is A water tank in a village is normally filled in 8 hours but takes 2 hours longer to fill because of a leak in its bottom. If the tank is full, in how many hrs will the leak empty it ? A person incurs a loss of 5% be selling a watch for Rs. 1140. At what price should the watch be sold to earn 5% profit? The tiles in the floor of a kitchen are 15/16 inch squares. The cement between the tiles is 1/16 inch. There are 3240 individual tiles in this floor. The area of the floor is Which of the following has a graph that is symmetric to the x-axis Mr. Younas ' income for a year is Rs.15,000. He pays 15% of this in federal taxes and 10% of the remainder in state taxes. How much is left? In a certain cake, two straight cuts (made along two different radii) succeed in removing 4/15 of the total cake. What is the central angle in degrees of the piece cut? A person crosses a 600 m long street in 5 minutes. What is his speed in km per hour? If x + 1 < 3x + 5, then If the sum of the edges of a cube is 48 inches, the volume of the cube is An air conditioner can cool the hall in 40 minutes while another takes 45 minutes to cool under similar conditions. If both air conditioners are switched on at the same instance, then how long will it approximately take to cool the room? A piece of wood 35 feet, 6 inches long was used to make 4 shelves of equal length. The length of each shelf was If 2 and 4 each divide q without remainder, which of the following must q divide without remainder. The average of five numbers is 34. If three of the numbers are 28, 30 and 32, what is the average of the other two? The radius of a circle which has a circumference equal to the perimeter of a hexagon whose sides are each 22 inches long is closest in length to which one of the following? A train moves at sixty miles per hour from City A to City B and eighty miles per hour from City B to City A in reverse. What is the distance between the two cities if the round-trip travel duration is eight hours? What k is subtracted from10 and difference is divided by 2, the result is 3, what is the value of k? How many bricks each measuring 25cm x 11.25cm x 6cm, will be needed to build a wall of size 8m x 6m x 22.5m ? If the base of a rectangle is increased by 30% and the altitude is decreased by 20% the area is increased by? A man bought a TV set that was listed at Rs.160. He was given successive discounts of 20% and 10%. The price he paid was 900/10 + 90/100 + 9/1000 = ?