Chartered Management Accountants (CIMA)

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

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Flexible budget is a budget with the following features

Break Even can be calculated as under

Sales budget must be prepared

Fixed Cost

Conversion cost is equal to

Process Costing method is related to

A good Cost Accounting System is

Net income plus operating expenses is equal to

The master budget comprises of

Cost volume profit analysis is the method used to estimate the impact on profit is of changes in

In a manufacturing company product cost include

Which of the fallowing accounts would not be included in the computation of the cost of goods sold

Total manufacturing cost for a period includes all of the fallowing except

What is the primary purpose of calculating the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)?

What is the effect on COGS if the opening inventory is overvalued?

Sources of funds can be increased by

An owner investment of land into the business would

Quick Asset includes which of the fallowing

For which taxpayer Income Tax rates are the same

If a firm has paid super-tax, its partners may follow any one of the following behaviors

Income Tax is levied on

Rapid Financing Instrument” and “Rapid Credit Facility” are related to the provisions of lending by which one of the following

Pakistan follows the following budgeting system at Federal level