Dental Admission Test (DAT®)

American Dental Association

The DAT is recognized by 66 U.S. and 10 Canadian dental schools, assessing applicants' potential for success in a 4.5-hour, $525 test.

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In a group of friends, Alice is taller than Bob, Bob is taller than Carol, and Carol is taller than David. If Alice is not the tallest in the group, which of the following must be true?

If all fruits are vegetables and some vegetables are red, which of the following statements is necessarily true?

If the sum of the edges of a cube is 48 inches, the volume of the cube is

The cube of 1/3 is

A piece of wood 35 feet, 6 inches long was used to make 4 shelves of equal length. The length of each shelf was

Which of the following expressions has the greatest value?

The integral part of logarithm is called

On the y-axis, the x-coordinate is

If 2 and 4 each divide q without remainder, which of the following must q divide without remainder.

If 5x = 3, then (5x + 3)² =

If m/n = .75, then what is 3m + 2n?

Which is greater? Column A is (10/4) / (3/2) * (3/7) and Column B is (3/4) * (10/7) / (3/2)

Which of the following has a graph that is symmetric to the x-axis

The prime factors of 96 are

2- 3 =

If x + 1 < 3x + 5, then

Which of the numbers cannot be represented by a repeating decimal?

900/10 + 90/100 + 9/1000 = ?