Engineering and Science Admissions Test (ESAT)


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When a helium atom loses an electron, it becomes:

Beta ray emitted by a radioactive substance is:

An electric charge in uniform motion produces:

What is emitted by a hot metal filament in a cathode ray tube?

If the mass of the bob of a pendulum is doubled its time period is:

The center of Newton rings is dark due to

Resistance in RC circuit of time constant 2 seconds is 1000 Ohms. What is the value of C in the circuit?

The Lenz’s law refers to induced __________

For atomic hydrogen spectrum, which of the following series lies in visible region of electromagnetic spectrum?

__________ are the particles that experience strong nuclear force.

The vertical velocity of ball thrown upward __________ with time.

Tuning of the radio is the best example of electrical __________

Which of the following lights travels the fastest in optical fibres?

Which type of bonding is present in NH4Cl?

Aldehydes can be synthesized by the oxidation of:

The products of the fermentation of a sugar are ethanol and: