What is the name of email.

A company pays rent for a full year upfront on January 1st for $12,000. How should this transaction be recorded in the journals?

A company has a trial balance that balances perfectly. Does this guarantee the absence of errors in the journals and general ledger?

Company A uses a single general journal for all transactions, while Company B utilizes a sales journal and a purchases journal. Which company is likely to be more efficient in recording transactions?

A company mistakenly recorded a purchase of inventory for $10,000 as an expense. How can a strong internal control system help identify this error most effectively?

Which of the following statements is NOT true about the relationship between the chronological journal and the general journal?

Double Entry Book Keeping was fathered by

In balance sheet accumulated loss of company shown as

An advantages of the partnership form of business organization is its

When a small stock dividend is declared which of the fallowing accounts is credited