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Nervous system carries ... from one part of body to another?

Central nervous system consist of spinal cord and

Accumulation of ... in kidneys creates stones in kidneys

Kidney stones can be removed by using more ...

... is the treatment for removing kidney stones

Medulla Oblongata controls the ...

If the body movement are not precise and accurate which part can we say is effected?

Which organ filers the nitrogenous wastes of blood?

Which gas is used for artificial ripening of green fruit

Which planet is closest to the earth

Who prepared the sulfuric Acid

A disease lockjaw also commonly known as

Largest and even longest bone in human body is

Which branch of physics deals with Atomic nuclei

Sonar help in measuring

Which prime minister of Pakistan was abrogated due to his untruthfulness

At the opening of the sixteenth century Indo-Pakistan was a

Who was the Sultan of Delhi at the time of Babar's invasion?

The ... Kingdom was a famous Muslim State of Deccan before 16th century

The soldiers of Indo-Pakistan were second to none in

Popular Rana Sangha's original name was ... who was died in 1526

Who is called the founder of Mughal Empires

Which was the Most Important Hindu State in Northern India

Adil Khan Faruqi lived during

Zaheer uddin Babur was born on

Name the mother of Babur

In his second attempt, Babur firstly conquered ... successfully

The 3rd expedition of Babur was in

Who defeated Alauddin and conquered Punjab?

Other name of Tuzek-e-Baburi is

King Humayun fell ill in

The accession to the throne of Babar was due to the

Government of Badakhshan was given to

Who sheltered the two noble enemies of Babar

Who was reappointed the tutor of Bahar Khan's Son?

Who introduced large number of copper coins in his rule?

What was the name of Public Kitchens opened by Sher Shah for the poor

Jalal Khan's father name was

Bahadur Shah was one of the distinguished ruler of

Who divided the whole empire into 47 Sarkars

Shah Tahmasp helped to regain throne of

Rohtas Fort was created by

Commander of Army was called

Who was Khizar Khan

Which country is actually not a country but a stolen land by Zionists?

The recent escalation of tensions between Russia and a NATO member state is primarily due to a dispute over

The newly elected leader of Brazil has pledged to focus on

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned of a potential global recession triggered by

The term "metaverse" is becoming increasingly popular and refers to

The recent summit between the leaders of the United States and North Korea focused on

The recent amendments to the National Electronic Crimes Act (NECA) in Pakistan have sparked controversy due to concerns about

The focus of the current negotiations between Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is likely to be on

The Diamer-Bhasha Dam project, under development in Pakistan, is primarily aimed at

What is the main function of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) in a computer?

When does a computer perform a boot-up process?

Where is the operating system typically stored in a computer?

Who is known as the father of computers?

Why is it important to have antivirus software installed on a computer?