UPSC Prelims Paper-I General Studies-I

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UPSC Civil Service Preliminary Examination Paper I: General Studies free Online Practice Test

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Nervous system carries ... from one part of body to another?

Central nervous system consist of spinal cord and

Accumulation of ... in kidneys creates stones in kidneys

Kidney stones can be removed by using more ...

... is the treatment for removing kidney stones

Medulla Oblongata controls the ...

If the body movement are not precise and accurate which part can we say is effected?

Which organ filers the nitrogenous wastes of blood?

Which gas is used for artificial ripening of green fruit

Which planet is closest to the earth

Who prepared the sulfuric Acid

A disease lockjaw also commonly known as

Largest and even longest bone in human body is

Which branch of physics deals with Atomic nuclei

Sonar help in measuring