Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET)

Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA)

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Solve the equation 2/6 (3a + 2b) – 1/2 (2a + 4b) -2(12a – 6b)?

The solution set of the inequality |x + 4| ≥ 2 is

The negation of “Today is Friday” is

Contra-positive of given statement “If it is raining, I will take an umbrella” is

A statement is also referred to as a

The statement ~ (~ ) p = p Describes

The row in the truth table of an argument where all premises are true is called

The Net Magnetic flux from any closed surface is

Electric displacement current through a surface S is by definition proportional to the

Classical mechanics explains how _______ moves.

DNA model was presented by Watson and Crick in

The "energy carrier" ATP is an example of a(n)

S-adenosyl methionine is a group donor of

Nucleotides also serve as carriers of activated intermediates in the synthesis of

A gas is compressed adiabatically from pressure P1 to P2. What is the change in temperature of the gas?

What is the name of the thermodynamic potential that describes a system at constant pressure and temperature?

Which of the following statements about the bonding in ethyne (acetylene, C2H2) is correct?

Which of the following functional groups can act as both an acid and a base?

Which of the following compounds is chiral?

In which of the following reactions does the formation of a carbocation intermediate occur?

What is the first step in the retrosynthetic analysis of 1-bromo-2-phenylethane?

Which of the following compounds is not aromatic?

In an electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction, which intermediate is formed?

Which of the following statements about the polymerization of ethylene to form polyethylene is correct?

Which of the following heterocycles contains nitrogen and is aromatic?

Which type of enzyme catalysis involves the formation of a covalent bond between the enzyme and the substrate?

Which of the following principles is not one of the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry?

Which of the following elements has the highest second ionization energy?

Which of the following elements forms a stable diatomic molecule in the gas phase?

Which of the following transition metals exhibits the highest number of oxidation states?

Which of the following actinides is commonly used as a fuel in nuclear reactors?

Which of the following is a typical example of an inner-sphere electron transfer reaction?

Which of the following methods is commonly used to synthesize graphene?