GAT Subject Test (Computer Science)

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What is the primary purpose of using media queries in responsive web design?

When should you use the 'defer' attribute in a script tag in HTML?

Where is the correct location to place the meta charset="UTF-8" tag in an HTML document?

How to prevent a form from submitting when a required field is empty using HTML5?

What is the primary purpose of normalization in database design?

When is a database said to be in the Third Normal Form (3NF)?

Where would you typically find the definition of a database schema?

Florence Nightingale was ___ in the development of modern medicine, ___ such practices as sanitization of hospital wards and isolation of actively infected patients.

His habit of spending more than he earned left him in a state of perpetual------ but he------------hoping to see a more affluent day

Known for his commitment to numerous worthy causes, the philanthropist deserved------ for his-----------

You should --------this paragraph in order to make your essay more-----

A------glance pays-----attention to details

Surprisingly enough, it is more difficult to write about the--------than about the---and strange.

A-----response is one that is made with----------.

3. A----is a-------.

Consumption of red meat has ____ because its fat content has become a worrisome and ____ matter.

It takes ____ character to ____ the extremities of the arctic region.

Throughout the animal kingdom, ____ bigger than the elephant.

Although its publicity has been ___, the film itself is intelligent, well-acted, handsomely produced and altogether ___

The Inuit natives of Alaska's North Slope worry that ___ oil exploration might ___their sensitive natural environment.

In the given sentence, identify the gerund phrase: "Running marathons in extreme weather conditions requires immense determination and endurance."

Identify the logical fallacy in the following argument: "I've never seen a black swan; therefore, black swans do not exist."

Choose the word that best completes the analogy: Adorn: Decorate :: _______ : Amass

How to ensure ACID properties are maintained in a transaction?

What is the purpose of a subnet mask in IP networking?

When should an organization implement two-factor authentication (2FA) for remote access to its network resources?

Where is the most secure location to place a firewall within a network architecture?

Who is responsible for managing digital certificates in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system?

Why is it important to regularly update software and firmware in network devices?

What is the main purpose of a context switch in an operating system?

When does a deadlock occur in a system?

Where is the Page Table typically stored in a computer system?

How to resolve the critical section problem in concurrent programming?

Which memory management scheme allows the physical address space of a process to be non-contiguous?

Why do modern operating systems use preemptive multitasking?

When is the "thrashing" condition likely to occur in a system using virtual memory?

When does the Dijkstra's algorithm fail to find the shortest path in a graph?

Where is a heap data structure typically used?

Why is the space complexity of a recursive algorithm often higher than its iterative counterpart?

Which data structure is most suitable for implementing an LRU (Least Recently Used) cache?